From 1987, the individual and joint business has been replaced in 2004 by the recent founded company Kontakt Varga Kft. We are specialized in all-inclusive electric construction works with severe references from consumer house-lighting quite to industrial electric construction works. Our company is registered at , so we can design electronic meters or expand automatic fuses.

Electric construction works can be ordered in our shops or by clicking on ordering in the menu.
Our specialists can give you technical guidance.
Our references:Tata, Hotel Arnold (26 rooms)
Tata, Eszterházy court
Tata, King Zsigmond court
Tata, Komáromi út, lighting of a playing-field
Tatabánya, Cseresznyefa street, 2 four-apartment houses
Tatabánya, Ford automobile parlor at Köztársaság street
Dunaalmás, grain silo facility