We started our company as an individual electric construction business in 1987. Our first shop in Kocsi street, Tata opened in 1990. We turned our company into a joint family business in 1994. In 2004, we renewed and extended our shop. Now we're serving our customers in a climatized, 120m2 large area.

You can buy electric tools, parts, cables, switches, industrial- and home-lighting appliances, chandeliers, batteries, bulbs and related ware in our shops. We also sell MNC, SAL, Kenwood, Alpine etc. headunits, loudspeakers and accessories for car and home Hi-Fi. You can pay with your credit card since 2005. Our qualified colleagues can give you technical guidance.

Electric construction works can be ordered in our shops or by clicking on ordering in the menu.
Miklós Varga
company owner